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This page offers two different ways to search:
1. For one criterion only, click the corresponding link (green text).
2. To combine criteria - use the check-boxes, input fields, etc., and then press "Search".
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CNPS List  
List 1A (presumed extinct)
List 1B   List 2   List 3   List 4
Considered but rejected
Endemic to California
Federal Listed
State Listed
all Federal
all State


Lowest elevation
Highest elevation
CNPS habitat   KEY
Coastal dunes (CoDns)
Desert dunes (DeDns)
Inland dunes (InDns)
Coastal bluff scrub (CBScr)
Sonoran desert scrub (SDScr)
Mojave desert scrub (MDScr)
Coastal scrub (CoScr)
Great Basin scrub (GBScr)
Chenopod scrub (ChScr)
Chaparral (Chprl)
Coastal prairie (CoPrr)
Valley and foothill grasslands (VFGrs)
Great Basin grasslands (GBGrs)
Vernal pools (VnPls)
Meadows (Medws)
Playas (Plyas)
Pebble or Pavement plain (PBPln)
Bogs and fens (BgFns)
Marshes and swamps (MshSw)
Riparian forest (RpFrs)
Riparian woodland (RpWld)
Riparian scrub (RpScr)
Cismontane woodland (CmWld)
Pinyon and juniper woodland (PJWld)
Joshua tree woodland (JTWld)
Sonoran thorn woodland (STWld)
Cismontane woodlands (CmWld)
Broadleaved upland forest (BUFrs)
North Coast conifer forest (NCFrs)
Closed-cone conifer forest (CCFrs)
Lower montane conifer forest (LCFrs)
Upper montane conifer forest (UCFrs)
Subalpine conifer forest (SCFrs)
Alpine boulder and rock field (AlpBR)
Alpine dwarf scrub (AlpDS)
Nine Quad Search - Search for List 1-3 plants on one quad plus the surrounding eight. The quad input field below may be used in conjuction with the rest of this page, but please note: ...
If you specify a quad, only List 1-3 plants will be returned.
Uncheck this box if you want to search only the single specified quad.

DWR code
USGS code
(duplicate buttons)
Enter either a DWR code or a USGS code for a California 7.5' quad. Unrecognized values will be ignored.
Code number reference ...
  • map of California (DWR codes only - PDF, 240KB)
  • list of all quads (use VIEW link below)
CA-DFG Region 1 users only
A reminder: Species not recorded for a given area may nonetheless be present, especially where favorable conditions occur.
List of all California 7.5' quads
KEY: "quad name (DWR code) - USGS code"
The "Checkbox and Presets" page provides two independent search options.
  • Form Search
    The form-based search -initiated by the "search" button - combines pulldown-menu, checkbox, and text input. You may use as few or as many parameters as you wish. The Nine Quad search area may be used together or separately from the other sections. Example: clicking the checkbox for List 4, will add a "List 4" constraint to your form search.
  • Link Search
    Each link attached to an individual word works independently of any other link, and independently of the form elements. Example: clicking on the word "List 4" will independently return all List 4 taxa, regardless of any form entries (menu, checkbox, or text input).
  • For additional flexibility, use the • Query Builder, or you can also use the basic "Search" form located near the top of many pages.

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