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What's New Online

Since its debut in the summer of 2001, the Online Inventory has continued to evolve, largely driven by feedback from users. Feel free to contact us. A mail icon is located on the toolbar at the bottom of each page.

Not every change is listed below, just the ones we think you'd like to know about.

  • December 2007 - Query Builder now allows you to enter a title for "Custom Report".
  • February 2007 - The basic search form now also returns "Considered but Rejected" and "Synonym" plants - two categories that had been included in the hardcopy Inventory, but were not previously available in the software versions.
  • July 2006 - Starting with version 7-06c, the quarterly updates incorporate data imported directly from CNDDB. This version adds occurrances that were overlooked during the period when occurrences were copied manually.
  • February 2006 - CSV downloads are now pre-formatted in the same manner as the XML.
  • January 2006 - New ranking system substitutes for old R-E-D system. details
  • December 2005 - Custom hardcopy Inventory pages can now be produced via XML downloads from the Query Builder and Plant Press. Details are available on the Query Builder XML download page. (beta testing)
  • October 2005 - On county maps, occupied islands are now shaded separately from the mainland.
  • September 2005 - Leading zeros have been added to SoCal DWR quad codes, so that all codes throughout the state now contain three digits. This change was made to simplify searching on SoCal quad numbers.
  • July 2005 - Difference files (beta test) comparing current and previous data are linked to a new Documentation page.
  • "Query by list of names" is being beta tested. Internet Explorer seems to max-out at about 64 names per individual search, but other browsers will go higher.
  • The select-your-own fields "custom" listing format in Query Builder has been cleaned-up by removing navigation buttons and other extraneous items. Renamed "Custom Report," it now matches the other three "Report" formats, with the exception that "custom" continues to use the true field names, rather their "pretty" versions.
  • October 2004 - A quad count variable, "Q123_count," has been added for List 1-3 taxa ... for those who want to explore that aspect. (See the FAQ .)
  • The maps are back online, from a new server. You can now identify counties and islands by using your mouse.
  • August 2004 - Plant Press now has a prototype XML export option. Technical users, please share your thoughts on this.
  • The reference list of all quads is now embedded in the Checkbox Search page.
  • July 2004 - Navigation buttons have been added to the record display to allow you to page through your found set of records.
  • The select-your-own fields "Custom" listing option available via Query Builder has an improved layout.
  • Links to online topographic maps are being provided for List 1-3 taxa, via the quad scatterplots.
  • USGS quad numbers added to the quad data and to CheckBox Search.
  • June 2004 - The Inventory now has a FAQ page.
  • Raw data can be downloaded as an "Excel file" - from the Plant Press or Query Builder.
  • The quad map from the hardcopy Inventory can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • April 2004 - Search listings can now be reformatted as a Status and Rarity Report, Location Report, or Ecological Report - from the Plant Press or Query Builder.
  • State and Federal status checkboxes have been added to the Checkbox Search interface.
  • May 2003 - After you open a taxon record, you can directly Google the website for additional information not in the Inventory.
  • March 2003 - A mouseable quad map has been added to help users select quads for 9-Quad and single-quad searches, however, this prototype is currently available only for the northernmost 1/5 of the state.
  • December 2002 - A map of occupied counties is being generated for all taxa, and a quad scatterplot for List 1-3 only. A Quad Mark Identifier widget is provided to help identify the points on the scatterplot.

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