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open 1 Asplenium septentrionale thumbnail image in record northern spleenwort Aspleniaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Asplenium trichomanes ssp. trichomanes maidenhair spleenwort Aspleniaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Azolla microphylla Mexican mosquito fern Azollaceae List 4.2
open 1 Botrypus virginianus rattlesnake fern Ophioglossaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Bouteloua eriopoda thumbnail image in record black grama Poaceae List 4.2
open 1 Brasenia schreberi thumbnail image in record watershield Cabombaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Bulbostylis capillaris thumbnail image in record thread-leaved beakseed Cyperaceae List 4.2
open 1 Carex buxbaumii thumbnail image in record Buxbaum's sedge Cyperaceae List 4.2
open 1 Carex hystericina thumbnail image in record porcupine sedge Cyperaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Carex leptalea thumbnail image in record bristle-stalked sedge Cyperaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Carex scoparia var. scoparia pointed broom sedge Cyperaceae List 2A
open 1 Chenopodium simplex thumbnail image in record large-seeded goosefoot Chenopodiaceae List 4.3
open 1 Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa Peruvian dodder Convolvulaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Dryopteris filix-mas thumbnail image in record male fern Dryopteridaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Eleocharis parvula thumbnail image in record small spikerush Cyperaceae List 4.3
open 1 Enneapogon desvauxii thumbnail image in record nine-awned pappus grass Poaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Erioneuron pilosum thumbnail image in record hairy erioneuron Poaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Euphorbia exstipulata var. exstipulata thumbnail image in record Clark Mountain spurge Euphorbiaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Funastrum crispum wavyleaf twinevine Apocynaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Hedeoma drummondii thumbnail image in record Drummond's false pennyroyal Lamiaceae List 2B.2
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