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open 1 Aspidotis carlotta-halliae thumbnail image in record Carlotta Hall's lace fern Pteridaceae List 4.2
open 1 Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii thumbnail image in record Peirson's milk-vetch Fabaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Astragalus pachypus var. jaegeri thumbnail image in record Jaeger's bush milk-vetch Fabaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Ceanothus megacarpus var. insularis thumbnail image in record island ceanothus Rhamnaceae List 4.3
open 1 Ceanothus verrucosus thumbnail image in record wart-stemmed ceanothus Rhamnaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Chamaebatia australis thumbnail image in record southern mountain misery Rosaceae List 4.2
open 1 Chylismia arenaria sand evening-primrose Onagraceae List 2B.2
open 1 Corethrogyne leucophylla thumbnail image in record branching beach aster Asteraceae List 3.2
open 1 Ditaxis claryana glandular ditaxis Euphorbiaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Ditaxis serrata var. californica California ditaxis Euphorbiaceae List 3.2
open 1 Ericameria cuneata var. macrocephala Laguna Mountains goldenbush Asteraceae List 1B.3
open 1 Eriogonum nudum var. indictum thumbnail image in record protruding buckwheat Polygonaceae List 4.2
open 1 Eriogonum truncatum thumbnail image in record Mt. Diablo buckwheat Polygonaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Eucnide rupestris thumbnail image in record annual rock-nettle Loasaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Euphorbia jaegeri Orocopia Mountains spurge Euphorbiaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Euphorbia misera thumbnail image in record cliff spurge Euphorbiaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Euphrosyne acerosa copperwort Asteraceae List 4.2
open 1 Helianthus niveus ssp. tephrodes thumbnail image in record Algodones Dunes sunflower Asteraceae List 1B.2
open 1 Helianthus winteri Winterís sunflower Asteraceae List 1B.2
open 1 Heterotheca sessiliflora ssp. sessiliflora thumbnail image in record beach goldenaster Asteraceae List 1B.1
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