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open 1 Horsfordia alata thumbnail image in record pink velvet-mallow Malvaceae List 4.3
open 1 Horsfordia newberryi thumbnail image in record Newberry's velvet-mallow Malvaceae List 4.3
open 1 Imperata brevifolia thumbnail image in record California satintail Poaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Isocoma arguta thumbnail image in record Carquinez goldenbush Asteraceae List 1B.1
open 1 Jepsonia heterandra thumbnail image in record foothill jepsonia Saxifragaceae List 4.3
open 1 Jepsonia malvifolia thumbnail image in record island jepsonia Saxifragaceae List 4.2
open 1 Limnanthes douglasii ssp. ornduffii Ornduff's meadowfoam Limnanthaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Lonicera subspicata var. subspicata thumbnail image in record Santa Barbara honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Lupinus nipomensis thumbnail image in record Nipomo Mesa lupine Fabaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Lyrocarpa coulteri Palmer's lyrepod Brassicaceae List 4.3
open 1 Malacothamnus davidsonii thumbnail image in record Davidson's bush-mallow Malvaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Monardella hypoleuca ssp. hypoleuca white-veined monardella Lamiaceae List 1B.3
open 1 Monardella undulata ssp. crispa crisp monardella Lamiaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Panicum hirticaule ssp. hirticaule roughstalk witch grass Poaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Petalonyx linearis thumbnail image in record narrow-leaf sandpaper-plant Loasaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Pilostyles thurberi thumbnail image in record Thurber's pilostyles Apodanthaceae List 4.3
open 1 Pseudognaphalium leucocephalum white rabbit-tobacco Asteraceae List 2B.2
open 1 Suaeda taxifolia thumbnail image in record woolly seablite Chenopodiaceae List 4.2
open 1 Vaccinium shastense ssp. shastense Shasta huckleberry Ericaceae List 1B.3
open 1 Wislizenia refracta ssp. palmeri thumbnail image in record Palmer's jackass clover Cleomaceae List 2B.2
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