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open 2 Phacelia coerulea thumbnail image in record sky-blue phacelia Hydrophyllaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Phacelia perityloides var. jaegeri Jaeger's phacelia Hydrophyllaceae List 1B.3
open 2 Physalis lobata thumbnail image in record lobed ground-cherry Solanaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Physaria chambersii thumbnail image in record Chambers' physaria Brassicaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Pinus edulis thumbnail image in record two-needle pinyon pine Pinaceae List 3.3
open 2 Sanvitalia abertii thumbnail image in record Abert's sanvitalia Asteraceae List 2B.2
open 2 Sclerocactus johnsonii thumbnail image in record Johnson's bee-hive cactus Cactaceae List 2B.2
open 2 Senna covesii thumbnail image in record Coves' cassia Fabaceae List 2B.2
open 2 Sphaeralcea rusbyi var. eremicola thumbnail image in record Rusby's desert-mallow Malvaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Stipa arida Mormon needle grass Poaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Stipa divaricata small-flowered rice grass Poaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Tortella alpicola alpine crisp-moss Pottiaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Woodsia plummerae thumbnail image in record Plummer's woodsia Woodsiaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Astragalus sabulonum thumbnail image in record gravel milk-vetch Fabaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Ditaxis serrata var. californica California ditaxis Euphorbiaceae List 3.2
open 1 Eriastrum harwoodii thumbnail image in record Harwood's eriastrum Polemoniaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Hazardia brickellioides considered but rejected
open 1 Wislizenia refracta ssp. palmeri thumbnail image in record Palmer's jackass clover Cleomaceae List 2B.2
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