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open 3 Castilleja ambigua var. humboldtiensis Humboldt Bay owl's-clover Orobanchaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Abronia umbellata var. breviflora pink sand-verbena Nyctaginaceae List 1B.1
open 2 Astragalus pycnostachyus var. pycnostachyus thumbnail image in record coastal marsh milk-vetch Fabaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Botrychium ascendens thumbnail image in record upswept moonwort Ophioglossaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Botrychium minganense thumbnail image in record Mingan moonwort Ophioglossaceae List 2B.2
open 2 Bryoria pseudocapillaris false gray horsehair lichen Parmeliaceae List 3.2
open 2 Bryoria spiralifera twisted horsehair lichen Parmeliaceae List 1B.1
open 2 Calamagrostis crassiglumis thumbnail image in record Thurber's reed grass Poaceae List 2B.1
open 2 Carex leptalea thumbnail image in record bristle-stalked sedge Cyperaceae List 2B.2
open 2 Carex limosa thumbnail image in record mud sedge Cyperaceae List 2B.2
open 2 Chloropyron maritimum ssp. palustre Point Reyes bird's-beak Orobanchaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Erigeron biolettii thumbnail image in record streamside daisy Asteraceae List 3
open 2 Erigeron supplex thumbnail image in record supple daisy Asteraceae List 1B.2
open 2 Eriogonum umbellatum var. bahiiforme thumbnail image in record bay buckwheat Polygonaceae List 4.2
open 2 Erysimum concinnum bluff wallflower Brassicaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Erysimum menziesii thumbnail image in record Menziesí wallflower Brassicaceae List 1B.1
open 2 Gilia millefoliata thumbnail image in record dark-eyed gilia Polemoniaceae List 1B.2
open 2 Glyceria grandis thumbnail image in record American manna grass Poaceae List 2B.3
open 2 Hesperevax sparsiflora var. brevifolia thumbnail image in record short-leaved evax Asteraceae List 1B.2
open 2 Lasthenia californica ssp. macrantha thumbnail image in record perennial goldfields Asteraceae List 1B.2
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