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open 1 Lathyrus biflorus thumbnail image in record two-flowered pea Fabaceae List 1B.1
open 1 Linanthus maculatus ssp. maculatus Little San Bernardino Mtns. linanthus Polemoniaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Matelea parvifolia thumbnail image in record spearleaf Apocynaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Petalonyx linearis thumbnail image in record narrow-leaf sandpaper-plant Loasaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Phlox muscoides thumbnail image in record squarestem phlox Polemoniaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Pseudorontium cyathiferum Deep Canyon snapdragon Plantaginaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Salvia greatae thumbnail image in record Orocopia sage Lamiaceae List 1B.3
open 1 Scheuchzeria palustris American scheuchzeria Scheuchzeriaceae List 2B.1
open 1 Schoenoplectus subterminalis thumbnail image in record water bulrush Cyperaceae List 2B.3
open 1 Schoenus nigricans thumbnail image in record black bog-rush Cyperaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Sedum laxum ssp. eastwoodiae Red Mountain stonecrop Crassulaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Senna covesii thumbnail image in record Coves' cassia Fabaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Sidalcea celata Redding checkerbloom Malvaceae List 3
open 1 Silene campanulata ssp. campanulata thumbnail image in record Red Mountain catchfly Caryophyllaceae List 4.2
open 1 Silene serpentinicola thumbnail image in record serpentine catchfly Caryophyllaceae List 1B.2
open 1 Stellaria longifolia thumbnail image in record long-leaved starwort Caryophyllaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Tiquilia canescens var. pulchella Chocolate Mountains tiquilia Ehretiaceae List 3.2
open 1 Utricularia intermedia thumbnail image in record flat-leaved bladderwort Lentibulariaceae List 2B.2
open 1 Utricularia ochroleuca thumbnail image in record cream-flowered bladderwort Lentibulariaceae List 2B.2
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