North Coast CNPS Wildflower Show Database
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This is the database that the North Coast Chapter of CNPS and its affiliated volunteers use to print the Wildflower Show plant labels. We made it available for several reasons, chiefly
  • to provide the general public with a "catalog" of the plants that appear in the show, along with links to additional on-site and off-site information,
  • and to help our volunteers review and revise the cards, and familiarize themselves with the expected taxa.
    Contact us via the NC-CNPS link (lower side menu), if you would like to participate.
  • Until 2013, the catalog used the nomenclature and family assignments of the 1991 Jepson Manual. But starting with the 2013 show, we began using the current nomenclature, with the intention of henceforth keeping in sync with the online Jepson eFlora.
  • To search by year, simply type the year codes in the search box as follows: 01 00 99, will return the taxa that appeared in 2001 or 2000 or 1999. They will be listed in order of frequency of appearance.
Many records include comments refering to edibility, or to horticultural, ethnobotanical, and other aspects of popular interest. Please use this information with caution!

The original database was created by Louise Watson, under the sponsorship of Nature Discovery Volunteers. Since 1996, the database has been used to generate the Wildflower Show plant labels. In 2000 the web interface was added. This interface served as the original prototype for the web version of the California Native Plant Society Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants.

Because of several practical constraints, the possibility of mis-identification is considerable. In truth, this database is a record of the taxa reported in each show, errors and all. We like to think that the frequency of errors has declined in recent years in response to the increased participation of experienced botanists - both formally trained and self-trained. However, serious bloopers still occur. Volunteer, and help keep us honest! [12/23/14]

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