North Coast CNPS Wildflower Show Database
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actionsavehits scientificcommonfamily habitat
open 1 Sambucus nigra subsp. caeruleablue elderberryAdoxaceaestreambanks, open places in forests
open 1 Sambucus racemosa red elderberryAdoxaceaemoist areas
open 1 Spirea Adoxaceaechaparral
open 1 Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfiicamasAgavaceaedamp forests, meadows, near streams
open 1 Camassia quamash subsp. brevifloracamasAgavaceaedamp forests, meadows, along streams
open 1 Chlorogalum angustifolium soap plantAgavaceaemoist heavy soils in grasslands and woodlands
open 1 Chlorogalum pomeridianum var. pomeridianumsoapwortAgavaceaeseasonally moist rocky slopes
open 1 Carpobrotus chilensis sea figAizoaceaecoastal dunes and bluffs
open 1 Carpobrotus edulis Hottentot figAizoaceaecoastal areas
open 1 Allium acuminatum Alliaceaerocky flats
open 1 Allium amplectens Alliaceaeclay soils, including serpentine, open or wooded places
open 1 Allium campanulatum campanulate onionAlliaceaedry mountain slopes
open 1 Allium cernuum nodding onionAlliaceaemoist rocky areas
open 1 Allium falcifolium sickle-leafed onionAlliaceaeserpentine; heavy soils
open 1 Allium fimbriatum var. purdyiPurdy's onionAlliaceaeserpentine outcrops
open 1 Allium siskiyouense Siskiyou onionAlliaceaerocky slopes, serpentine
open 1 Allium triqetrum three-sided onionAlliaceaemoist shade
open 1 Allium unifolium large pink swamp onionAlliaceaemoist streambanks
open 1 Allium validum pink swamp onionAlliaceaewet meadows
open 1 Rhus aromatica skunkbrushAnacardiaceaeslopes, washes, shrubland
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