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By Gordon Leppig

The recently released first international survey of plant diversity found that at least one out of every eight known plant species is now threatened with extinction or nearly extinct. The results of this 20-year study reveals that approximately 34,000 species, or about 12.5 percent, of the 270,000 fern, conifer and flowering species known worldwide are imperiled. In the United States, which probably has one of the planet's best-studied floras, about 29 percent of our 16,000 species are at risk. I am sure the trend is even more bleak in California. Clearly we have our work cut out for us! CNPS, being the only statewide organization dedicated exclusively to the conservation and veneration of our native floral friends, needs your help.

Our North Coast chapter has many open volunteer positions. These include: Poster Sales, Booth Coordinator, Land Owner Contact Program Coordinator, CNPS member on the Bureau of Land Management Advisory Committee, and with the extirpation of Dan Brown, Invasive Exotic Chair. All of these positions are interesting beyond belief, involve only a few hours a month, include fun-filled meetings, provide unlimited opportunity for social and professional development, and most of all, instill a deep-seated gratification that can only come with helping to make the Earthmore floriferous. Act now! Contact me for more information on these important and exciting positions or on other ways you can get involved.


Thank you Carol Ralph for testifying on the Black Sands Beach OHV closure on behalf of CNPS at the Coastal Commission Meeting. No doubt it was Carol's strong voice and wisdom that threw the vote in our favor.

Thanks to Andrea Pickart for taking over as our new Invasive-Exotic chair.


Our chapter needs dedicated plant lovers to help shore up our conservation program and make us more effective at protecting native plants. Some positions include: THP Reviewer - We need someone to review local timber harvest plans (THPs) to see if they occur in or near potential rare plant habitat. This discrete job could be done at home on the computer.

Land Owner Contact Program Coordinator: Some rare plant populations occur on private lands. In some cases the land owners, working with CNPS and or the Nature Conservancy, have taken steps to protect these populations. In other cases monitoring studies have been implemented. We need a good people-person to oversee this program and to maintain or expand the rare plant monitoring program.

Conservation Chair: This vital position deals with many habitat conservation issues. The ideal person would be knowledgeable or wish to be come knowledgeable in Timber Harvest Plans (THP), Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP), Natural Community Conservation Plans (NCCP), proposed changes in the Endangered Species Act or CEQA, and other big-picture issues. This could be a great entry-level learning opportunity for some one wishing to be come proficient in natural resource conservation and planning.


Get out and vote this November for candidates who care about environmental issues.

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