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Several CNPS North Coast Chapter members are assisting in the compilation of species accounts and photographs of the CNPS list 1B species (plants considered rare, threatened or endangered in California and elsewhere) of the North Coast for a Northern California Rare Plant Guide expected to be published by U.C. Press at the end of this year. Species accounts have been compiled but photographs of the species and their habitats are still being compiled. Any photographs of the species and/or habitat of these plants and/or any unique species features or habitat personal observations are requested and would be very much appreciated. All photographs used will credit the source below the photo, and all photographs submitted will be handled with care and returned in a timely manner. Please contact either John McRae (2525 Daffodil Ave., McKinleyville, CA 95521, Ph.# 707-839-5762) or Clare Golec (2551 Cropley Way, Arcata, CA 95521, Ph.# 707-822-6001) if you could contribute any photographs or information on the following species.

Abronia umbellata ssp. breviflora (pink sand-verbena)
Arctostaphylos canescens ssp. sonomensis (Sonoma manzanita)
Arabis koehleri var. stipitata (Koehler’s stipitate rock cress)
Arabis macdonaldiana (McDonald’s rock cress)
Arabis serpentinicola (Preston Peak rock cress)
Astragalus agnicidus (Humboldt milk-vetch)
Bensoniella oregana (bensoniella)
Cardamine nuttallii var. gemmata (yellow-tubered toothwort)
Castilleja ambigua ssp. humboldtiensis (Humboldt Bay owl’s-clover)
Castilleja mendocinensis (Mendocino coast Indian paintbrush)
Collinsia corymbosa (round-headed chinese houses)
Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. palustris (Pt. Reyes bird’s-beak)
Draba carnosula (Mt. Eddy draba)
Epilobium oreganum (Oregon fireweed)
Eriastrum brandegeae (Brandegee’s eriastrum)
Erigeron supplex (supple daisy)
Erysimum menziesii ssp. eurekense (Humboldt Bay wallflower)
Gentiana setigera (Mendocino gentian)
Hesperolinon adenophyllum (glandular dwarf flax)
Lathyrus biflorus (two-flowered pea)
Layia carnosa (beach layia)
Lewisia oppositifolia (Opposite-leaved lewisia)
Lilium occidentale (western lily)
Lupinus constancei (Lassics lupine)
Madia stebbinsii (Stebbins’s madia)
Minuartia decumbens (Lassics sandwort)
Monardella villosa ssp. globosa (robust monardella)
Montia howellii (Howell’s montia)
Oenothera wolfii (Wolf’s evening-primrose)
Phacelia argentea (sand dune phacelia)
Puccinellia howellii (Howell’s alkali-grass)
Sanicula tracyi (Tracy’s sanicle)
Sidalcea malachroides (maple-leaved checkerbloom)
Sidalcea malvaeflora ssp. patula (Siskiyou checkerbloom)
Sidalcea oregana ssp. eximia (coast checkerbloom)
Streptanthus howellii (Howell’s jewel-flower)
Tracyina rostrata (beaked tracyina)
Thermopsis robusta (robust false lupine)
Thlaspi californicum (Kneeland Prairie pennycress)
Viola primulifolia ssp. occidentalis (western bog violet)

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