North Coast Chapter - CNPS

President's Corner

by John McRae

You may notice a different look to the newsletter. Something is missing. That something would be a someone. Felicity Wasser, after 2 years of producing a fine newsletter has had to resign due to other commitments. We, the North Coast Chapter of CNPS, would like to publicly thank Felicity for a job well done. I never realized how much effort goes into the newsletter until, fool that I am, I agreed to get this one out over the weekend. I haven’t taken the trainer wheels off of Pagemaker yet and something led me to believe I could whip this thing out in 2 days. We’ll, it took 4 and here’s the result. Not a pretty sight but it will have to suffice. We have several possibilities for a new editor. We apologize if the newsletter is alittle late and are working at getting back on schedule.

We have several other changes in the board. Sommer Mateu is our new conservation chair. She hasn’t hesitated to jump right in. She worked with the conservation committee to develope chapter comments for the proposed Headwaters Agreement. She did a professional job of delivering these comments at the scoping hearing for the EIS/EIR that is being written by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Sommer also worked with Andrea Pickart to send out an emergency mailing to all Chapter members alerting them of the need to write our congressman, the County Board of Supervisors and USFWS supporting alternative B of the Environmental Assessment for the proposed Lanphere-Christensen Dunes Unit.

If you know of any member who did not get one of these mailings, or who did not get this newsletter, we may not have their correct address in our mailing list. We would appreciate it if you could have them contact our new membership chair Steve Matthews at 839-4890. Steve is trying to update the membership database, and we suspect it needs it badly. We have put together a committee that will be trying to reach every member by phone in order to verify member info. We will also ask each person contacted if they have an e-mail address and if they would like to pass it along to us so we can maintain better contact with our membership. Feel free to phone this info in to Steve. It will save us some time and effort. We apologize for disturbing members at home but mailings to non existant members are an expense we can't afford.

The Spring Wildflower Show and Plant Sale is coming soon and one of our Co-chairs for the event had to leave town for several months. Our remaining Co-chair, Larry Levine will have his hands full. If you’d like to help Larry and the rest of his crew with this event, please contact him at 822-7190. Please see the article on The Spring Wildflower Show and Plant Sale that is located elsewhere in this newsletter.

Our other new board member is Brian Crain who will be Co-chairing the Invasive Exotics committee with Dan Brown. They have started a monthly Invasive Pest Plant Forum that will be meeting next on March 25. There is an article on the back page of the newsletter that provides more info about the meeting.

Lastly, we’re planning a picnic at Greys Falls Campground sometime in August. Keep an eye out for more details in the next newsletter, which I hope comes out on time.

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