North Coast Chapter - CNPS

President's Column

By Gordon Leppig

I am happy to announce that our chapter's conservation team has been reformulated and much invigorated. Local botanist Annie Eicher has taken on the role of Conservation Coordinator - a newly created position envisioned to help guide the conservation activities of the chapter. We are also grateful to have on board Jennifer Kalt as our new Timber Harvest Plan Coordinator. Jennifer will be screening local THPs for potential impacts to sensitive plants and vegetation types. I am very confident that with the addition of Annie and Jennifer, our already tenacious and talented board is now in a much better position to protect native plants and their habitats and to spread the word about their joys and wonder. However, we still need more help. Our chapter is looking for an individual to screen information, mostly email, on state and federal legislative issues and enlighten the board and the chapter on these issues. If you have email and are interested in the 'Legislation Chair' position, please contact me or Annie Eicher or come to the next business meeting. CNPS needs you!!

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