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Native Gardening Report

By Pete Haggard

Things are moving along nicely at Health Sport in Arcata. Plants for the native garden should be arriving in December or early January. If you are interested in helping plant them when they arrive, contact me at the e-mail address or phone number below.

Also, building upon our success at Health Sport, I would like to contact all he agencies and professional organizations involved with landscaping or planting in the County and make them aware of the advantages of using native plants. We need to let them know that on the Northcoast we expect native plants to be used. I am in the process of drafting that letter now. I could use some help.

Besides our chapter's handout "Native Plants For The Northcoast", I think we should also have a list of ornamentals that should not be used because of their ability to spread and compete with native plants. Ornamental plant pests that are extremely aggressive, such as holly, cotoneaster, ivy, and brooms, are all still widely available in nurseries. Hopefully agencies, such as Cal-Trans, that plant large areas, would use such a list when choosing plants. Would someone like to work on this list?

You can contact me at E-mail or phone 839-0307.

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