CNPS Mailing-lists and Forums

North Coast CNPS has three new ways for sharing information:
(along with our web site and newsletter)

1. NC-CNPS Activities Announcements - Yahoo! Group public website
Not all our activities are planned enough in advance to be in the quarterly newsletter. Our activities announcements group will send you an e-mail message whenever there is a program, plant walk, field trip, other activity or special announcement. Alternatively, you can view the announcements online.
Available to everyone; CNPS membership is not required.
Mailing list for NC-CNPS Activities Announcements
WE subscribe you or join Yahoo! for full privileges

2. NC-CNPS Gardening with Natives Discussion - Yahoo! Group public website
New to the area? Or are you a long time North Coast gardener? Our gardening discussion covers local gardening issues (weather, soil, local and online nurseries); helps share resources (seeds, plants, information, books, websites); pictures of native plants; share about habitat info for particular native plants; and share seasonal alerts on what's blooming in the garden and in the wild.
Open to everyone; CNPS membership is not required.
Mailing list for NC-CNPS Activities Announcements
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3. NC-CNPS Business Discussion - Yahoo! Group website (access requires approval)
Business-meeting dates, agendas, conservation issues, spending decisions, long range plans, etc. The website portion of the Business Discussion will eventually have copies of our operating procedures, meeting minutes, etc.
Requires North Coast CNPS Chapter membership and approval by the chapter president.
Mailing list for NC-CNPS Activities Announcements
Request approval and after approval, join Yahoo! for full privileges

What is the difference between 'Subscribing' and 'Joining'?
'Subscribing' means you will receive e-mails, just like from a conventional mailing list. Only your e-mail address is required to subscribe. 'Joining' gives you additional services, but you will be asked to provide more information about yourself.

To submit new items or comments to the above groups - use the links below.

All groups are moderated, which means that one or more chapter members are screening the messages (or editing, if necessary) before they are distributed.

OPTIONAL: If you decide to 'Join' (required to access some additional Yahoo! web features like Calendars, Photos, and Files), here are some instructions and tips:

  1. Click one of the 'join for full privileges' links above.
  2. Select a user name ('Yahoo! ID') that is easy to remember, such as the first part of your e-mail address. If your user name is already taken, then add your middle initial.
  3. Select a password that is easy to remember. The password is case-sensitive, so 'Cattywumpus' is not the same as 'cattyWumpus.'
  4. You will be asked for more information. To move around on the page, use the mouse or type 'Tab' or 'Shift-Tab'. Don't press 'Enter' until you have finished filling-in all the required information. We think you can safely agree to the 'Terms of Service,' but you may want to read it and judge for yourself.
  5. If you don't want to be sent promotions, pay attention to all questions about 'Marketing Preferences'! (You may need to 'unclick' some choices.)
  6. The 'verify your registration by entering the code shown' routine is clever way for Yahoo! to make sure that only real people can sign up. If you can read the twisted numbers and letters, then you pass the test!
  7. Once you successfully log-in to your desired Yahoo! Group web page, bookmark it so that you can return easily.

Questions? Want Help? If need help with any of the above groups, contact either Carol Ralph 822-2015 or Marisa D'Arpino 601-0898.

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