North Coast Chapter Of The
California Native Plant Society

April 16, 1999

Planning Commission

City of Arcata

736 F St.

Arcata, CA 95521

RE: Proposed Restoration of Winkle Property

At the March 9 and April 13 meetings of the North Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), Roland Yartzoff presented a conceptual proposal for restoration of the Winkle property on south I Street in Arcata. In concept, the CNPS Board heartily supports restoration of the 11-acre property, intended to re-establish native vegetation and provide wildlife habitat. Based on the information presented to us, the site appears to be a good candidate for estuarine and riparian restoration, and restoration there would certainly enhance the ecological values of the Arcata Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary.

We cannot comment on specific elements of the proposed restoration without further information on the existing setting (e.g., topography, plant species composition, soils), historical context to the extent that it may be determined (including the historical route of Jolly Giant Creek, [former] native habitats occurring at the site, and past land use), and the proposed planting plan. We encourage proponents of the project to gather this information as the next step in the planning process. CNPS would be happy to review and comment on the more detailed plans and any proposed alternatives for restoration of the site at that time. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this valuable project.


 Annie L. Eicher, Conservation Coordinator


Roland Yartzoff


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