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Are you wondering which plants in your yard are native? Are you unsure if that vine in the corner is an invasive exotic? Would you like to find out which native species might grow well in your yard?

To answer these questions, and to share advice on gardening with natives, our chapter now offers a consulting service. A phone call or e-mail to our coordinator, Bev Zeman, will put you in touch with volunteers who can visit your property.

If you are a member of CNPS, this service is free; if not, you can join or make a donation to the chapter.

GOING NATIVE (MS-Word version, 90 KB)

Advice and resources for planting California natives.

  • General advice:
    • Look for natives already thriving on your property, in your neighborhood, or in nearby greenbelts. (Be wary of assuming that frequently-used plants or those growing in undeveloped areas are native - many abundant plants are actually exotics; some of these have naturalized and become invasive.)
    • Respect each plant species' cultural needs: soil type & the amount of sun & water required.
  • The enemy: Invasive weeds. See Invasive Weeds of Humboldt County booklet. Other useful references: Invasive Plants of California's Wildlands and Northwest Weeds (both available at the Humboldt County Library).
  • Where to see landscaping with natives
    • Arcata Plaza, SW corner (near post office). North Coast Chapter CNPS has a bed that changes with the volunteers that tend it.
    • Trinidad Museum Garden, 400 Janis Court at Patricks Point Drive, Trinidad. 707-677-3883. website
    • Humboldt Redwoods State Park visitors center, 707-946-2409.
    • The Blood Bank, 2524 Harrison (corner of St. Joseph Lane), Eureka.
    • Patrick's Point State Park, near the Sumeg Village. 4150 Patrick's Point Drive., Trinidad. Overgrown, but still there.
    • Potawot Health Village(outside the United Indian Health Services bldg), 1600 Weott Way, off Janes Road, Arcata, just north of Mad River Hospital.
    • Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge visitors center, Loleta. 707-733-5406.
    • California Conservation Corps offices, 1500 Alamar Way, Fortuna.
    • Humboldt Botanical Garden, at the north end of the College of the Redwoods Campus, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka. Call for hours: 707-442-5139
    • HSU Behavioral Sciences building, Arcata. Access from Union St.
    • Arcata Marsh visitor's center, 569 S. G St., Arcata. 707-826-2359
    • HSU Natural History Museum, 1315 G St., Arcata. Small garden plots in front.
    • HSU Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT), Arcata, behind the parking lot at 14th and Union Streets. 707-826-3551.
  • Where to learn about native plants:
    • College of the Redwoods courses
      • Plant Materials and Usage (AG 16, spring) & Plant Materials and Usage (AG 26, fall). Both courses include natives, taught by Donna Wildearth.
      • Wildflowers, Trees and Shrubs (Bio 17, spring) taught by Jeff Hogue.
    • CNPS plant sales, walks, field trips, garden tours, monthly programs (fall-spring), and our Spring Wildflower Show. Look for listings in local newspapers or on our website.
  • Where to purchase native plants:
    • North Coast Chapter of California Native Plant Society: plant sales in May and Sept., or make requests through our Plant Sale Chairs, Chris Beresford,, 707-826-0259; or Tami Camper,
    • Humboldt Fish Action Council nursery, 1280 Hatchery Rd, Blue Lake. Manager: Suzanne Isaacs 707-498-2123 or Kathy Dilly 707-407-8733. Natives only, great variety. Call for hours or an appointment.
    • Freshwater Farms, 5851 Myrtle Ave. 707-444-8261. Mon-Sat. Strictly California natives, great variety.,  website.
    • Living Earth Landscapes, 5307 Boyd Rd., Arcata. 707-822-7663.
    • Samara Restoration. Eric Johnson, Dowes Prairie Rd., McKinleyville 707-834-4379. website
    • Jameson Creek Nursery, Fortuna. Local Farmer's Markets or call 707-725-5084.
    • Potato Rock Nursery, Arcata Farmer's Market or mail order. 707-839-9175, website.
    • Telos Rare Bulbs, Ferndale. Native and exotic bulbs. Mail order only. website
    • Larner Seeds, Bolinas, CA. Mail order. website
    • Local Nurseries that carry mostly non-native plants, but have a small section of native plants (keep asking!).
      • Miller Farms Nursery, 1828 Central Ave., McKinleyville. 707-839-1571.
      • Mad River Gardens, 3384 Janes Rd. Arcata 707-822-7049.
      • Pierson's Garden Shop & Nursery, 4100 Broadway, Eureka. 707-441-2713.
  • Landscape designers who work with natives: Some also offer installation.
    • Garden Visions Landscape Design, Donna Wildearth. 707-476-0273 (Eureka) website
    • GreenEarth Landscapes, Kathy Dilley. 707-407-8733
    • Living Earth Landscapes, Keith Hamm, 707-822-7663
    • Samara Restoration, Eric Johnson, 834-4379
    • Nancy Rehg Landscape Design, 707-822-8542
    • Design-Work, Mary Gearhart. 707-826-7292
  • Printed and website resources
    • Lists of plants suited to the North Coast, and related website links are available on this web site.
    • List of books that address gardening with and identifying natives (pending)

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