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Membership Information

What do you get when you join CNPS?

  • the pleasure of knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of California's rich and diverse native flora
  • an exceptional education on California's native plants through field trips and programs
  • the opportunity for first-hand experience growing native plants and learning propagation and culture techniques
  • Fremontia, a quarterly illustrated journal of interest to laymen and professionals alike
  • the Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter geared towards issues, action and events
  • new friends; new places to explore

Additionally, North Coast Chapter members receive the "Darlingtonia," our quarterly chapter newsletter.
Because our chapter is one of several organizations affiliated with the Northcoast Environmental Center , our members can receive a free subscription to the NEC's monthly newspaper, the "Econews". Included with Econews is the newsletter of the Redwood Region Audubon Society, the "Sandpiper".

When you join, be sure to specify that you want to affiliate with the North Coast Chapter. Then contact our membership coordinator so we can immediately add you to our local list.


Starting in 2008, CNPS has begun issuing membership cards to new members, and sending them to current members as they renew. Chapters around the state have been contacting business owners to request that they support CNPS membership by offering discounts. Cooperating businesses on the North Coast now include:

  • Freshwater Farms: 10% discount on plants, 444-8261
  • Miller Farms: 5% discount on plants, plus a 5% donation option, 839-1571
  • Mad River Gardens: 10% discount on plants, 822-7049
  • Let it Grow Horticultural Supplies: 10% discount on all merchandise, 822-8733
  • Greenlot Nursery: 10% discount on plants, 443-9484
  • Sherwood Forest Nursery: 10% discount on plants, 442-7049
  • Bamboo & Maples: 10% discount on plants, 445-1281
  • A & L Feed, 5% discount on plants, 839-3265
Until you receive your membership card, you may use your current Darlingtonia Newsletter with mailing label. (Note: Plant discounts do not include items already on sale.) Check this website, Darlingtonia, and CNPS Bulletin for new participating merchants.

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