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Bear Basin Butte Botanical Area
Six Rivers National Forest

Source: Discovering Botanical Areas, USDA Forest Service Six Rivers National Forest,
1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, CA 95501

near Bear Basin Butte, photo by Steve Matthews
near Bear Basin Butte, photo by Steve Matthews

Atop Bear Basin Butte one can see for miles in all directions. Bound by rivers and wilderness, it is known for its richness of conifers. One can observe the diversity of species here within a few hours which might otherwise take days and miles to witness. Red fir, Jeffrey pine, mountain hemlock, white fir and Douglas-fir are just a few of the 14 conifer species within the botanical area. Of special note, is the presence of Brewer's spruce and Alaska yellow-cedar, both conifer relicts or "hold-overs" from a day and time when these species were more widespread. Wildflowers enrich the open meadows and rock faces with color-the pink lewisias, golden lilies and cream-colored lady's slippers. Port-orford cedar and western azalea follow the path of the numerous streams which pass through the area.


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