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Broken Rib Botanical Area
Six Rivers National Forest

Source: Discovering Botanical Areas, USDA Forest Service Six Rivers National Forest,
1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, CA 95501

Gary Bloomfield
This area offers a view of numerous prominent peaks - Broken Rib Mountain, Wounded Knee Mountain, Haystack Peak and Sanger Peak. The southern border is adjacent to the Siskiyou Wilderness which is in turn adjacent to the northeastern border of the Bear Basin Butte Botanical Area. The location of these areas to one another creates a continuous coniferous forest that contains an unusually high concentration of conifer species. Why plants are where they are in Broken Rib is determined primarily by different underlying geology and the pattern of wildfire. Given the complex pattern of geology and disturbance, one can see many groupings of plants or plant communities, such as red fir and Jeffrey pine.


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