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Smith River Botanical Area
Six Rivers National Forest

Source: Discovering Botanical Areas, USDA Forest Service Six Rivers National Forest,
1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, CA 95501

Gary Bloomfield
A special place harboring many rare plants and communities, this "crown jewel" of the botanical areas contains a majority of the North Fork's pristine watershed. The North Fork and all its tributaries dissect the rugged landscape which contributes to the diversity found in this area. Jeffrey pine woodlands occupy the ridges along with fire-adapted lodgepole and knobcone pine stands. Along the drainages, ribbons of the lacey Port-Orford cedar and western azalea add a delicate touch to the landscape. Most of the area is underlain by serpentine soils - which are high in metals, low in nutrients, and therefore toxic to most plants. Those plants that thrive on these soils have developed certain adaptations to be able to cope with this seemingly harsh environment. Many of the rare plants in this national forest find a home on these serpentine sites.


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