Sticky monkey flower (Mimulus aurantiacus)

Photo by: Brother Eric Vogel, F.S.C.
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Plant Profile

Sticky monkey flower is very drought tolerant plant that produces abundant flowers throughout the entire summer. The Mimulus genus is a very large group that includes 77 species in California. The common name, "monkey-flower", comes from early botanists who thought the flowers resembled a monkey's face.

Sticky monkey flower (M. aurantiacus) may sometimes be included in the genus Diplacus by some botanists. The genus Diplacus has been separated out from other Mimulus species due to their woody habit. Sticky monkey flower is a woody shrub ranging in size from 12 to 48 inches with bright orange to yellow flowers depending on variety.


Sticky monkey flower may be grown from both seed or cuttings. Propagation from cuttings is preferable if you are attempting to progagate plants with a specific flower scolor. It prefers full sun with good drainage and little or no summer water.

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