Press Release
Invasive Weed Awareness Week
August 20-26, 2000
Scotch broompampas grass

What is Invasive Weed Week? A week of activities sponsored by a host of agencies, intended to raise public awareness of the problems caused by invasive weeds.

When is it happening? Sun. August 20-Sat. August 26, with preview displays including a Humboldt County Fair booth and a warm-up work party on Sat. August 19.

Why is it needed? Invasive weeds are plants that have been introduced into an environment in which they did not evolve and have no natural enemies to limit their reproduction and spread. These weeds affect both agricultural and natural systems, and cost the U.S. economy over $13 billion per year. Invasive weeds are able to crowd out native plants and have devastating impacts on natural areas. Some of these plants, such as pampas grass and English ivy, are common garden escapes, while others are transported accidentally from other countries in less obvious ways. By educating the public about this problem, the sponsoring groups hope to encourage gardeners to make informed choices when buying plants and to actively prevent the spread of harmful species. This problem has become so widespread that a solution is only possible with the cooperation of the public. Locally, public agencies and land managers have spent millions of dollars over the past few years to repair the damage caused by invasive weeds.

Who is sponsoring Invasive Weed Week? Northcoast Chapter, California Native Plant Society, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Arcata office and Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge), Bureau of Land Management, Friends of the Dunes, City of Arcata, City of Eureka, YouthServe AmeriCorps, California Conservation Corps, Friends of Arcata Marsh, Manila Community Services District, Caltrans, Humboldt County, City of Eureka, U.S. Forest Service, HSU Natural History Museum, Redwood National and State Parks, U.C. Cooperative Extension, Humboldt & Del Norte Counties Dunes Weed Management Area, Humboldt County Weed Management Area, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Humboldt Del-Norte Cattleman's Association.

What will be happening? The week of events will begin on Sunday August 20 at the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, with a kick-off Weed Fair, from 10 am-3 pm. Information and demo booths will include weed i.d. (the public can bring yard and garden samples to be identified, but are requested to remove any seeds or keep samples in a sealed bag), native gardening alternatives, methods of eradication (including a live goat demo), a hands-on children's activity, and a guided tour of invasive weeds at the Arcata Marsh. An illustrated booklet will be available free of charge, with descriptions of local invasive weeds and methods for removal. Throughout the week there will be weed work parties hosted by different agencies at different locations around the county (see attached schedule), including a special kids event at Clam Beach. And on Saturday, the HSU Museum of Natural History will host "Alien Invaders Discovery Day," from 11 am-3 pm, featuring creative skits for kids, a scavenger hunt, an slide show for grown-ups, and a photographic essay depicting the weeks events and accomplishments.

For More Information call: 822-6378, and watch for upcoming publicity.

Himalaya berry

Saturday August 19, Warm-up event at Manila Dunes, 10 am - noon. Join the monthly siege on dune invaders by the Dunes Habitat Restoration Team, or DHRT (pronounced "dirt"). Meet at Manila Community Center, call Roy at Friends of the Dunes for information, 444-1397. Refreshments, tools, and gloves provided, bring sunscreen, hat, and water.

Sunday August 20, Invasive Weed Awareness Week kick-off event at Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, 10 am- 3 pm.. No work parties, but tour of marsh weeds at 2 pm and kids event at 11:00 am. For more information call Andrea at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, 822-6378.

Monday August 21
1. "Bash for brunch" at Manila Dunes Forest, 10 am-noon. English ivy and pampas grass to be dispatched. Meet at Manila Community Center. Brunch, tools, and gloves provided, bring sunscreen, hat, and water. RSVP Bev at Manila Community Services District, 445-3309.

2. If you enjoy the annual lupine bash, come on out and help Caltrans battle this invasive near Manila, from 6-8 pm. Meet at the Manila Community Center. For more information call Bob at Caltrans, 445-6391.

Tuesday August 22, Free the Forest! Arcata Community Forest that is. Join city staff from 6-8 pm to remove suffocating English ivy, holly and pampas grass. Meet at Redwood Park parking lot by the playground. Bring gloves. Information, call Julie at the City of Arcata 822-8184.

Wednesday August 23, Beach bash, for kids of all ages, and their parents, at Clam Beach Hammond Trail, 10 am-noon. Removing European beachgrass, yellow bush lupine, mustard, and foxglove. Meet at the Clam Beach parking lot. For information contact Annie at Public Works, 445-7541.

Thursday August 24,
1. Help the City of Eureka with their admirable quest to clean up PALCO Marsh of invasives, 10 am - noon. Meet at the foot of Del Norte Street. For more information contact Joel at 441-4163.

2. Tease out the teasel (and pampas grass, fennel and Himalyaberry) at Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, 6-8 pm. Meet at the parking lot by the interpretive center, off South G St. Bring gloves. Any questions, call Julie at the City of Arcata, 822-8184.

Friday August 25, Freshen up Freshwater Spit by removing European beachgrass and iceplant with Redwood National Park staff, 10 am-noon. Meet at the Freshwater Day Use Picnic Area at the north end of the Spit (turn left at the Redwood Park Information Center, and then left again).Tools, gloves, and buckets provided. Contact Andrea Williams of Redwood National Park at 822-7611.

Saturday, August 26, Alien Invader's Day at HSU Natural History Museum, G St, Arcata, 11 am- 3pm. Call Spring at the Museum at 826-4479.

For more information on this press release call Andrea Pickart at 822-6378


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